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Are all Property Managers the same?

Added: Feb 02, 2020
Category: Property Management

Whether you are a prospective new property owner or already have an existing property management team and are considering placing your home in a safer pair of hands, you may be asking yourself are all property managers the same? Do they hold the same values? Do they really care about your home or are you just another number? Do they put you as the homeowner or themselves first? Do they actively work for their homeowners placing bookings in homes that actually materialize? Are their services fair or do they put silly add on fees for simply changing a light bulb? Is your monthly statement what you expect or do you often get a nasty surprise? Is communication good?

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Added: Jan 23, 2020
Category: Theater

Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is the place to be as Disney's Aladdin takes the stage tonight with performances running until February 9th, 2020. With seating costing from as little as $31 this is a show not to be missed and if you are familiar with the Disney film, you will not only see the familiar storyline but be able to singalong too!  Being a "Disney" production you are guaranteed it will be superb and this is no exception.  With a colorful array of costumes and characters it's a night not to be missed!

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The most " Magical time of Year!"

Added: Dec 04, 2019
Category: Christmas

Seriously we can not believe where the last 12 months have gone and how quick time flies when you're having fun!  So here we are at the most magical time of the year again with twinkly lights and joyful music in abundance -this certainly is the place to be and most importantly a time where family and friends can come together and really embrace the holiday season.

Whether you are a Disney Park or Universal Park fan, both are offering incredible added experiences over this period.  Parades are just breathtaking and leave you reeling the festive feel so be it the classic Mickey and Minnie heading up the Christmas parade down Main Street or the Macy experience in Universal, you are definitely in for a treat!

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Homeowner endorsement

Added: Nov 21, 2019
Category: Property Management

We are very privileged to work with homeowners domiciled in various countries, with Canada, Brazil, Venezula and England being just a few examples. We were delighted when one of our Brazilian homeowners offered to give us a reference in Spanish which we are delighted to share below together with translation to English. 


Adquiri a minha casa em 2016, e desde então a minha administradora é Florida Leisure Vacation Homes. Eu comecei com eles porque já administravam a casa para o anterior proprietário, e com o seu trabalho e serviço certamente conquistaram minha confiança e fidelidade nestes 3 anos e meio que se passaram. ...

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